109: What are Public and Private Prayer?

109: What are Public and Private Prayer?


Prayer is an important practice in the Catholic faith and is highly valued by Christians around the world. We believe that prayer is a way to talk with God and seek His guidance and help in our daily lives. Private and public prayer are important parts of Christian worship and spiritual practice.

Private prayer is when someone prays, either in the presence of others or alone, with the goal of getting help from God. This type of prayer can take many forms, including vocal prayer,. meditation, reflection, or contemplation. We talked about those forms of prayer in the mental and vocal prayer lesson, you can check those videos out for more info.

Public prayer, on the other hand, refers to prayer that is offered officially or during a mass, either in public or in private. This type of prayer is often part of a religious service, and may involve a group of people saying prayers together. The act of public prayer is often seen as a way to connect with other Catholics and it can strengthen our spiritual connection to the Holy Trinity.

The Church has many special prayers that are said in public. Every mass is a public prayer. Similarly, any liturgical ceremony, including sacraments such as baptism and matrimony, would be considered public prayers. Usually, public prayers are said in special places like churches or chapels. This is similar to how prayers were said in the Temple and synagogue in the Old Jewish Law.

At certain times, the Church asks people to come together to pray publicly. This happens during every mass, but also during the Daily Office, days of vigil, and the special times of Advent and Lent. People can also pray together publicly during times of special need, such as during war, natural disasters, or times of thanksgiving.

And that is public and private prayer in a nutshell. I hope this lesson helped you understand how important it is to pray together as a community. By praying alone and with others, we can grow closer to God and each other. If you have any further questions, please contact your parish priest or a trusted spiritual advisor.


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🧐 What type of prayer is offered officially? Public or Private

Public prayer. This type of prayer is often part of a religious service, and may involve a group of people saying prayers together.

🌟 Public prayers are usually said in special places such as _____ and chapels.


😇 The Church asks us to pray publicly during Advent. True or False?


✨ True or False: Private prayer is more important than public prayer.

False. We need both public and private prayer. The Church requires us to pray publicly once a week at mass, and Jesus tells us to pray privately in the Gospels.


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