103: Applying Course Concepts

Published by S.D. Cason Admin on Litanies - Catholic Faith & Practices Course

Litanies in practice

Here are a few ways you can use this information practically in daily life:

  1. Incorporate the litany form of prayer in your personal devotions to implore God's aid or to appease His just wrath. You can use Psalm 135 as a model and add your own petitions to the litany.
  2. Attend liturgical services where the litany is used and actively participate in the responsive petition with the congregation.
  3. Learn more about the history and origins of the litany and its different variations across various Christian traditions.
  4. If you are a musician, consider incorporating the litany form in your compositions or arrangements.
  5. Use the repetition of "Kyrie Eleison" or other petitions in your private prayers as a form of meditation or contemplative practice.