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406 Fourth Friday of Advent: The Magi

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406 Fourth Friday of Advent: The Magi

Matthew 2:2

“Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.”

If Christmas has come, skip to our final video on the Nativity. If Christmas hasn't come, On this fourth Friday of Advent, we can remember the Magi
the ornament for today should represent the Magi (a star or three camels).

The story of the Magi, also known as the Wise Men or the Three Kings, is a significant narrative in the Christian tradition. According to the Gospel of Matthew, a group of wise men from the East came to Jerusalem seeking the newborn King of the Jews.

These wise men, known as Magi, were likely astrologers or scholars who studied the stars and interpreted their significance. They saw a unique star in the sky and believed it to be a sign of the birth of a great king. Guided by this star, they traveled to Jerusalem, assuming that the newborn king would be born in the royal palace.

When King Herod heard about the arrival of the Magi and their quest for the newborn king, he became troubled and called together the chief priests and scribes to inquire about the birthplace of the Messiah. The religious scholars informed Herod that the prophecies indicated Bethlehem as the birthplace of the Messiah.

Herod secretly met with the Magi and asked them to find the child and report back to him so that he could also worship the newborn king. The Magi continued their journey, and as they left Jerusalem, they once again saw the star, which led them directly to Bethlehem.

The story of the Magi teaches us several important lessons. Firstly, it illustrates that Jesus' birth was not only significant to those within Israel but also to people from different nations and backgrounds. The Magi's journey represents the inclusion of all people in God's plan of salvation.

Secondly, the story emphasizes the importance of seeking and worshiping Jesus. The Magi's dedication to finding and honoring the newborn king serves as an example for us to seek Christ with sincerity and reverence.

Lastly, the story warns against worldly powers and reminds us of God's protection. Herod's deceitful intentions contrast with God's divine intervention to safeguard Jesus. This highlights the need for discernment and trust in God's guidance amidst worldly influences.

The story of the Magi can be found in Matthew 2:1-12 in the New Testament of the Bible.